10.10 - 13.10.2017

XXII Белорусский энергетический и экологический форум/ Футбольный манеж, г.Минск, пр.Победителей, 20/2


Sw. Elzbiety 6, 41-905, Bytom, POLAND
tel +48 887 778 775
E-mail: export@eurohandel.pl
EUROHANDEL has been on the market for 20 years and currently employs just over 30 people.
We are a manufacturer of electrical and electrical equipment, and our domain is the production of lighting fixtures, surface mounted cans and
electric glands and ventilation. Our business profile is a wide range of products intended for the electrical industry, but we also deal with plastics
and metal processing on behalf of the customer.
We specialize in the processing of thermoplastics and as one of the few companies in Europe we have the technology and know-how required
for the processing of thermosetting plastics (bakelite).
We constantly upgrade and develop our machine park. We have a dozen plastic injection molding machines and presses for the production
of bakelite elements. These are devices with short circuit forces from 30 to 200ton. In addition, we have a number of peripherals for maximum use
of materials and energy during the manufacturing process.
Acting for many years in European markets, we can boast of a wide range of Clients in Poland as well as in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia,
Estonia, Ukraine, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Denmark, Romania and the
Balkans. Due to Poland’s accession to the European Union we have made additional efforts O European ENEC certification, which is a requirement
for selling products in Scandinavia.
For many years PPHU EUROHANDEL’s activity was based on lighting fixtures dedicated to traditional light sources in the form of tungsten filament
lamps, characterized by high current consumption and relatively low light efficiency (so called E-27 thread).
With particular care for the environment and in compliance with the European Commission’s legal requirements, EUROHANDEL has decided
to thoroughly upgrade its luminaires and adopt them to implement energy-efficient LED-based solutions.
The development of LED lighting technology has made us able to design and manufacture LED modules that can
serve as a high-quality, high-powered light source for general lighting in homes or public buildings (EUROHANDEL
lighting fixtures are dedicated to this type of interior). Recently, we have been able to design and start manufacturing
LED modules dedicated to our lighting fixtures that incorporate high-quality electronics and ultra-long life LEDs from
SAMSUNG. In addition, all modules can be equipped with high-end motion sensors and dusk (also our project).
It is also worth noting that all products manufactured by EUROHANDEL are certified by the ZETOM Testing and Attestation Division,
which, as a notified body in the European Union, is fully in charge of the manufacture of luminaires.
Continuous development of the company is also related to the production on commission of the tools entrusted by the Customer. Qualified engineering
staff and 20 years of experience in plastics processing have allowed us to build long-term relationships with our Clients, who appreciate both our broad
competencies and flexibility in the manufacturing process.
Additionally, we would like to mention that we cooperate with many reputable tooling companies in Poland and beyond our country, so that we can
mediate in contact with tooling and provide professional consulting in the field of designing and building molds at customer’s request.