Technics and Communications JSC is one of the leading specialized exhibition companies in the Republic of Belarus.
We are the acknowledged expert in the following fields:
- organizing international exhibitions in the Republic of Belarus;
- organizing national exhibitions (expositions) of the Republic of Belarus in other countries;
- designing, planning and erecting exhibition halls and stands;
- arranging and organizing international exhibitions, seminars, and congresses;
- conducting scientific and technical expertise, and surveys.
According to the National Calendar of Exhibitions to be held in the Republic of Belarus annually that is approved by the responsible state management body, Technics and Communications JSC organizes the largest international specialized exhibitions in Belarus focused on the major social and economic industries: health care, dentistry, telecommunications, information and bank technologies, energy, energy saving, environment protection, transportation and logistics, chemistry, oil, gas, cosmetology, aesthetics medicine and hairdressing, printing production, publishing, and advertising.
The company has 20 years’ experience organizing and holding specialized exhibitions. Our exhibitions vary depending on their subject, content, and the number of exhibitors and visitors. However, all our exhibitions have something in common: they are a unique chance to present new products and services, develop partnerships, conclude bargain contracts, and find perspective investors. Technics and Communications JSC organizes its exhibitions in close cooperation with the branch ministries, concerns and committees, R&D institutions, universities, and the Minsk City Executive Committee. The exhibitions host international congresses, conferences and seminars, the agendas of which cover priority development trends of the global and Belarusian economy to the maximum extent.
Quality of exhibition services delivered to the exhibitors conforms to the international industry standards due to applying the state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified personnel, automated software systems to design exhibition stands, and modern information technologies.
Both Belarusian enterprises, organizations, and international professional associations have recognized high quality level of the exhibitions organized and held by Technics and Communications JSC. This is a powerful stimulus to our company to further develop and improve quality of our exhibitions and services.